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Learn how Zitara helps Utilities, IPPs, and Operators maximize the profitability of their assets.

Zitara Studio

No more mysteries
or shots in the dark.

Zitara Studio’s software provides tailored predictions of how your batteries will behave in your application, enabling you to design confidently and build better.

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Because “batteries are complex” is an under-statement.

We all know that batteries are complicated. They’re also frustrating, expensive, time-consuming, and tough to predict — even for the most seasoned engineer.

Battery vendors don’t give detailed datasheets, making it harder for you to answer key questions and make informed design decisions.

That’s why we made Zitara Studio. Get thorough, independent data, expert battery characterization, and precise simulation tools, so you can understand how your batteries will actually work across any situation you can think of.

At last, you’ll be able to answer every "what if" and "how might we" when it comes to the power source behind your product.

Anticipate thermal and voltage response across any scenario you can think of.

See what happens if...

  • ride the product in a hilly area versus a flat one

  • ...your product has to perform when it’s very cold, or very hot

  •’s been two years since deployment, or only six months

Discover Zitara Studio

Transparent, independent data

Zitara’s Smart Datasheets give you relevant, standardized results from our validated models. See how batteries are rated to perform over temperature, age, and loading profile, and get at-a-glance comparisons of available cells to help guide your design decisions.

Powerful simulation tools

Simulate your battery’s expected performance across your entire design space. See what your cells will do at different charge or discharge rates, temperatures, or aging conditions.

iterative testing

Zitara provides expert-designed tests to characterize your cells and build high performance models for Zitara Studio. Powered by physics and machine-learning, these models help ensure reliability across your entire application. Zitara can also age cells to understand and model across degradation conditions.

Go from design to deployment with Zitara Live.

Track your batteries in real-time and discover new ways to make them more bankable.

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Our experts at Zitara will help you build a plan to amplify your team’s capabilities, and empower them to make confident engineering and design choices. Untangle the complexities behind your batteries with Zitara.

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