Industry Spotlight: Energy Storage Systems

Learn how Zitara helps Utilities, IPPs, and Operators maximize the profitability of their assets.

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We solve the puzzle so you can see the big picture.

Batteries are hard to predict, and battery management systems can only begin to scratch the surface.

At Zitara, our state-of-the-art software combines physics and machine-learning to reveal exactly what’s going on inside your batteries.  Zitara’s tools can help you choose the right battery, predict its behavior, monitor charge and health across your deployment, project degradation over time, and so much more.

When we tackle all that for you, you don’t have to worry about overlooking safety risks or lost performance. Instead, you get to focus on building incredible products that your customers can always rely on.

Zitara Studio

Cutting-edge simulation tools to guide your design decisions.

See how your batteries will behave across different scenarios and environments with Zitara Studio.

Customize loads, temperature, and age to predict and qualify asset lifetime reliability.

Get transparent, independent data from our library of validated battery models, and stay on top of flexible supply chain.

Simulate cell and pack performance to understand the scenarios that matter to your bottom line.

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Zitara Live

Track your batteries out in the real world. Now, and in the years to come.

Get accurate, actionable insights into your batteries, thanks to embedded and cloud systems that work together to manage your deployment.

Access the state of your battery’s charge, health, and more with precise embedded algorithms. Integrate with onboard controls for automatic optimization.

Observe system health parameters at the edge to anticipate and prevent reliability and safety issues, and extract insights into degradation across your application over time.

Get a simulatable digital twin of every battery you’ve deployed so you can enhance operations and minimize warranty risk — continuously and automatically in the cloud.

Work with the best in the business.

We’ve assembled a world-class team of top researchers and seasoned engineers to build safety-critical firmware and large-scale machine learning systems.

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We’re here to enable the renewable energy revolution.

The world is decarbonizing, and batteries have a big role to play. Here are just some of the industries we serve.

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