Industry Spotlight: Energy Storage Systems

Learn how Zitara helps Utilities, IPPs, and Operators maximize the profitability of their assets.

Zitara Live

It’s -40°C. How’s your battery doing?

Keep track of every battery you've deployed with Zitara Live: cloud and embedded battery management software customized for your needs.

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Today’s solutions are missing the mark.

Understanding your battery’s state of charge is vital, but existing fuel gauge tools can't keep up with how batteries are used today. As for state of health, BMS chips and analytics providers can’t actually provide you with a standardized, meaningful number you can work with.

Once your product is in the field, battery performance can vary so much across your fleet that you have no surefire way of knowing what your batteries’ capabilities are - now, or as they change over time.

Now, there’s Zitara Live.

Get unparalleled insights, built on cutting-edge algorithms, to monitor your batteries in the real world — today, and in the years ahead.

Tailored to your needs, not the lowest common denominator.

Zitara Live is embedded and cloud software that works with your pack hardware across battery chemistries–even LFP. It delivers the customized, validated state of charge (SoC), state of health (SoH), LookAhead, and safety outputs you need to operate your system effectively.

Accurate, validated algorithms you can actually use.

Zitara Live continuously monitors the state of every battery in your fleet, updating critical performance parameters as they change over time. It is paired with the certifications and performance guarantees necessary to manage power for critical systems across industries - from mobility, to storage, to aerospace.

Be several steps ahead, thanks to LookAheads and predictive safety.

Typical battery management systems do not anticipate energy availability, or proactively monitor safety beyond simple static limits on temperature, voltage, and current. Not Zitara Live. It’s always learning, using precise onboard simulations to predict energy, power, and heat generation into the future. It can rapidly identify anomalies before they become problems. Dynamically update operating parameters and shutdown thresholds to prevent operational failure, safety risks, and unnecessary downtime before they happen.

Boost your operations and think long term.

Batteries are among the most expensive and unpredictable parts of your operation. The SoC and SoH algorithms in common BMS hardware are approximate at best. Zitara Live integrates smoothly with onboard controls and cloud operations & management software to compile a bird’s eye view of your assets and their degradation over the years. No more leaving residual energy — or dollars — on the table.

Zitara Live is designed to integrate seamlessly into your systems.

No breaking changes, no headaches.

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